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Cath Techs Are Superheroes

I should probably be writing about books; I’ve been to two release parties and read about eight books since my last post. But that’s not what I’m going to talk about today. My husband often works late. I’m… Read More

On Keeping a Diary

I recently saw a Tumblr post (yes, friends–I am officially on Tumblr!) asking readers about their diary writing habits. I’m inspired to respond. For most of my life, I’ve been a compulsive journaler. The habit started when I… Read More

Silence, Spirituality, and Sensation

We all had our favorite classes and professors in college. For many of my engineering friends, it was an Asian man whose last name was unpronounceable and in-class illustrations ranged from potatoes to terrorists. I had a lot… Read More

An Open Letter to Future Brides

A little while ago, one of my high school friends got engaged. I was laying awake a few nights after the couple told me, and I realized that nobody prepared me for the hard parts of being engaged…. Read More