Category: Real Talk

Hair, Heritage, and Saint Patrick’s Day

“Look at that hair! You must be Irish!” “Corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight, eh, sweetheart?” “Why aren’t you wearing green? Where’s your pride?” “You must be feeling lucky today!” If I were to leave my house… Read More

English Teachers in Cinema

Today in the world of Twirly Writes, I have a very embarrassing confession to make. Remember that time when I talked about how I used to have a crush on Chris Kratt? This is going to be a… Read More

Clothes and Curves

This weekend, my husband took me shopping. It was very sweet , actually; he tricked me into thinking that we were shopping for him, when in fact he wanted to buy me some jewelry for Valentine’s Day. But… Read More

An Open Letter to Future Brides

A little while ago, one of my high school friends got engaged. I was laying awake a few nights after the couple told me, and I realized that nobody prepared me for the hard parts of being engaged…. Read More

Salon Loyalty

Guys. I made a bad decision this week. It all started Monday morning, when my husband said he wanted us to get haircuts on his day off. It was very sweet of him; he knows I don’t like… Read More

On Blogging: The Revised Edition

Those of you who followed me at my old blog have read some of this. Apologies. Some things bear repeating. Confession: I never wanted a blog. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with having a blog, really. My… Read More