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Favors From Gangsters

My sister recently recommended that I make an effort to review some “boy books.” I admit that I do have a preference for romances, and that really limits my audience. How lucky for me, then, that Al Capone Does… Read More

Eleanor and Park

I just finished reading Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park and now I don’t know what to do with my life. Remember those feelings I had during The Fault in Our Stars? This is like that, but so much worse. Worse… Read More


It’s Throwback Thursday! As such, Fiction Friday is being moved up; I’m taking today as an opportunity to share a review from my old blog, Confessions of a Twirl. Take a gander!   I didn’t want to fall in… Read More

The Red-Hooded Dancing Princess of Sherwood Forest

I love retellings of classic fairytales. There was a time when I seriously considered retelling Little Red Riding Hood in a sci-fi setting. (Don’t worry, those days are gone.) It should come as no surprise, then, that I… Read More

Intelligencers and Assassins

I have an unfortunate proclivity towards British things–or, I should say, things written by British people. Literature, television, it’s all the same, really. (I should point out that this is only unfortunate because British authors seem less afraid… Read More

Reputable Thoughts on a Disreputable History

Frankie Landau-Banks is a sophomore at Alabaster boarding school in Massachusetts, and she is entirely too smart for her own good. It’s her best kept secret; people are constantly underestimating her, especially her family. And it’s driving her… Read More

Peeling Back Fear

Joan Bauer’s Peeled opens on a sleepy apple growing town in New York. The biggest news in town is the sudden sickness and subsequent replacement of the local beauty pageant winner–until the alleged haunting of Ludlow house makes… Read More


When I invited my good friend for tea a few weeks ago, I expected her to come with a few titles for me to seek out. I didn’t expect her to bring me any physical books. To my… Read More