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Six Struggles of a Night Writer

Every writer has his or her own comfort zone. Many write while drunk. Some wake up early and write as the sun comes up. Hundreds write a certain number of words each day before stopping. I’ve heard of… Read More

Whole30 Woes (Or, Twirly Tries the Whole30)

I have been an exceptionally cranky creature of late. “Why?” you ask. Because I am roughly halfway through my Whole30. For those of you who are wondering, the Whole30 is a diet that lasts (you guessed it) thirty… Read More

Black Mass

I should probably be writing about my first week on the Whole30 diet, or being nostalgic about first-days-of-school gone by. But I just found out that a movie about Whitey Bulger is coming out this month, and I… Read More

The Big One

Yesterday, I started a project. The Big One. I’ve started to write a book. It sounds so pretentious when I put it out there like that. “Look at me, how fancy I am. A book!” But, really, it’s a… Read More

Ten Things Not To Say To a Writer

Yesterday, the hashtag #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter was trending on Twitter. I chimed in with a few suggestions, and it got me thinking. For a long time, I didn’t think I was worthy of being called “writer.” (I even wrote a… Read More

Character Consistency

I admit it: I watch more television than I should. I’m on a series kick right now; first it was Gilmore Girls, then Friends and Sherlock, and now it’s Merlin. While I am watching for enjoyment, I also use this time as an… Read More


I’m angry. I’m frustrated because a law has been passed that I cannot be happy about. I’m frustrated because saying so is going to make me very unpopular, maybe even labeled a closed-minded slanderous bigot whose mission is… Read More

Twirly’s Titles: Books to Buy

I will admit it: I have an addiction. I love books. It is one of my goals to have a well-stocked library (hopefully one with a number of signed books, hardcovers, pretty leather-bound ones… I digress). These are… Read More

On Keeping a Diary

I recently saw a Tumblr post (yes, friends–I am officially on Tumblr!) asking readers about their diary writing habits. I’m inspired to respond. For most of my life, I’ve been a compulsive journaler. The habit started when I… Read More

Twirly on Passions

Recently, I was asked what I’m passionate about. I paused to consider, but before I could open my mouth to respond, the asker continued, “Besides your husband of course.” Laughter, as if at the funniest thing ever said…. Read More