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An American Girl in Paris

Anna is a Georgia girl, looking forward to her senior year of high school. She loves her family, best friend, and job–and the prospect of what could be with a coworker has her excited for what the next… Read More

Stolen Sherlock

The Replica has been stolen! Without it in place, Zertrum Mountain will erupt, covering Lahnt and the surrounding countryside with lava! Will Elodie find the thief and return the Replica to its place before it’s too late? So… Read More

Our Own Cinderella

It’s little wonder that Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles are so popular. I’ve just finished Cinder, and it was not at all what I expected: fresh and original, while gritty and intense. In this retelling of the classic fairytale, Cinderella–or, as we… Read More


If you liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’ll probably like Rachel Hawkins’ Rebel Belle. If, like me, you rabidly love Buffy (I’ve watched the entire series and its spinoff twice in the last year), you might be unduly critical of what… Read More

A Tangle of Plots

“And although they were three very different people, Cady couldn’t help thinking that when they were woven together, they fit exactly right, like the three strands of hair that Cady’s birth mother had once tied up so intricately.”… Read More

An Amendment

Also Titled… “Further Thoughts on the Princesses of Westfalin and Their Trilogy” Remember that time when I reviewed Jessica Day George’s Princess of the Silver Wood? Funny thing: Jessica Day George herself actually responded to it on Twitter…. Read More

Salted Peanuts in The Big Easy

Ruta Sepetys may be best known for Between Shades of Grey (a story about art and refugees, not bondage and sex), but her more recent Out of the Easy is worth just as much attention. Set in the year 1950, in… Read More

Spinning a Story

I bought Spin (by Darcie J. Gudger) because of an Amazon ad on my Facebook. The girl on the cover looked just like me, and she was spinning a blue flag. All I needed to know was that this was a… Read More

Twirly’s Top Titles: College Edition

The post that I wrote earlier this week could easily have ended with a bibliography. The books (and short stories, and articles, and excerpts, and…) that I read in college forced me to stop and consider what I… Read More

TBT: Mistborn

Confession: I love young adult fantasy and science fiction. (I said it! I said it!) I’ve been trying to deny it for years, but it’s true. I have a friend who happens to have excellent taste in this… Read More