Twirly Tries It: International Travel

The husband and I are on our way to Scotland! One flight down, one to go! While I can’t technically claim this as my first trip out of the country, it is most definitely my first trip overseas.

When I was a child, my parents took us on multiple vacations to Canada: Middle River, Cape Breton and Prince Edward Islands, The Bay of Fundy, Niagara Falls. The trips always shared the same winning formula: something historical or educational for Dad, pretty scenery for Mom, and an opportunity to swim for my sisters and I.

While they were all fun trips and I look back on them fondly, I didn’t appreciate them as much as I could have. I spent tours around beautiful Canadian countryside in the back seat, nose in a book and Gin Blossoms in my ears.

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These are my parents in Canada, July 2007. They’re pretty cute. (Fourteen-year-old me took this photo–and, shockingly, it doesn’t completely suck! Also, THIS PHOTO IS TEN YEARS OLD. WHAT IS LIFE.)

I am not going to make that mistake again.

We have so many things planned for this trip. Since we may never have a chance to visit again (as Ryan continuously reminds me), we’re hoping to do a little bit of everything. Here’s a few things we’re most excited about:

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My face when Ryan says, “This is the only time we’re ever going to Scotland.”

-Connecting with my family history on the Isle of Mull (it’s where we emigrated from in the 1800s, and it’s also part of the Hebrides–so it’s two birds with one stone, really)

-Riding the Jacobite or, as it’s also known, The Hogwarts Express

-Exploring Glasgow and Edinburgh

-Taking tea at the Colonnades at the Signet Library (!!!!)

-At least one distillery tour (I personally hate whiskey and other liquors associated with it, but it’s a Cultural Thing and Ryan will enjoy it. Ah, well. The things we do for love.)

-Hiking the Trossachs and Loch Ard, where we’ll be staying for most of the trip.

-Possibly touring Loch Ness and a nearby castle

I’ll try to update this as we go, but no promises! Wish us luck!

3 Comments on “Twirly Tries It: International Travel

  1. I love Scotland! Just soak it all in and take lots of pictures.

  2. Don’t be afraid to try anything you feel lead to investigate!! Take your time, and don’t feel rushed, this will allow you to soak it all in!!! Have a wonderful and safe time!

  3. *gasp* That sounds awesome!! I hope you have an amazing time!

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