Twirly Tries A Couple’s Massage

I know what you’re thinking: “Why didn’t she title this one ‘TMI With Twirly’? Because, really. Ew.” There’s something about the phrase couple’s massage that makes people uncomfortable. I always felt the same way, so I’m not here to judge. Getting massages together was my husband’s idea.

Ryan and I have gone for a couple’s massage twice, once in Pittsburgh and once in DC. The experience was similar in each place.


So the massage staff know where to focus, what to avoid, and if you’re allergic to any massage oils.

Ground Rules

So that you know what to expect. We were told to undress until we were comfortable (nakedness is an option but not a requirement), to get into our massage beds, and which direction to lay down.Then we were left alone to undress, climb into our beds, and cover ourselves with the bedsheets.


The common misconception about couple’s massage is that you and your partner share a massage bed. You don’t. Each person gets their own bed and their own massage; they simply happen to take place together. The beds are in the same room, but the assumption is that, if you’re getting a massage together, you’ve seen one another naked and can handle yourselves.

The room is always dimly lit, with soothing music in the background (think Enya, but not actually Enya in most cases). Both of the spas we went to had dark wood paneling, some small water fixture, and some kind of Eastern element to the decor.

The Massage

Obviously, if you’re repelled by the thought of physical contact, massage is not for you. However, if you have the ability to trust a professional with your body, it might be. And massage therapists are very professional–all important body parts stay covered for the entire massage, and communication is encouraged. They are receptive to the comfort level of their clients, which means both pressure and physical boundaries. As with anyone, if you are uncomfortable at any time, just tell them. Their job is to give you a relaxing and pleasant experience, not to scar you for life. It’s all about trust.

Ryan thinks that every couple should get a massage together at least once. It’s an opportunity to relax and get pampered together, and it’s an experience you can share. Plus, who doesn’t love smelling amazing and feeling refreshed?

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