I’m angry.

I’m frustrated because a law has been passed that I cannot be happy about. I’m frustrated because saying so is going to make me very unpopular, maybe even labeled a closed-minded slanderous bigot whose mission is to fill the world with hate speech.

I’m frustrated by Christians making idiots of themselves, threatening bodily harm as if it’s going to change anything. Christians who are using this as an opportunity to lambast our government or feed their own victim complex. These strategies are counterproductive. Maybe we’re not being heard, but we’re not being killed either. #LoveWins is showing the ugliness of our hearts in a big way, and that makes me sad and disappointed and, yes, a little angry.

But you know what really makes me mad? The way that we, Christians, choose pet issues and drive everyone insane with them. We choose issues based on what elicits an emotional response, screaming until our faces turn blue, but we’re outnumbered. Maybe we ought to change our tack, because clearly our screaming is shutting the ears of those around us.

I want to see change in the world as much as anyone, but maybe we haven’t chosen our battles wisely enough. I’m so done with raising awareness for the issues that really matter while people fight for things that we can’t change. (No matter what SCOTUS rules, God defined marriage. Not me, not you, not our government.) If we want to see justice in the world, then we need a new strategy–and a new cause. Why aren’t we screaming for the people who are sleeping in the streets? The women and children who are being violated at this very moment? The suburban children who are being abused? What about the Christians all over the world who are being persecuted and killed for the sake of Christ? These issues are ongoing and, in some cases, fixable–but we’re so busy crying over how we’ve lost a political battle that we’ve stopped caring about what’s staring us in the face.

And, another thing: I’m tired of teenagers and college students telling me about their short-term missions trips to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The work they do is good, and the pictures of them holding babies are cute, but these trips so rarely have a lasting impact–other than perhaps giving our students a “heart for Haiti”–that our culture goes on sleeping. Wouldn’t it be something if, while on these trips, we realized that people in our cities live in squalor? Instead, we’ve closed our eyes to things that we have the power to change, sending our young people away for a spiritual vacation. The highs are fine for momentary faith-reboots, but are they really any good? Instead, let’s encourage our young people to take part in ministries like The Boston Project, where they’ll do some real good and learn about the world in their own backyard.

What I’m driving at is this: We, the American church, need to wake up. Let’s get our priorities in order. God will always be in control of all things, including the definition of marriage. What are we doing to bless those around us?

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  1. Hi Twirly,

    Karen Santorum posted these verses today:

    “Sin speaks to the sinner in the depths of his heart. There is no fear of God before his eyes.

    He so flatters himself in his mind that he knows not his guilt. In his mouth are mischief and deceit. All wisdom is gone.

    He plots the defeat of goodness as he lies on his bed. He has set his foot on evil ways, he clings to what is evil.

    To both man and beast you give protection. O Lord, how precious is your love. My God the sons of men find refuge in the shelter of your wings.

    They feast on the riches of your house; they drink from the stream of your delight. In you is the source of life and in your light we see light.”

    Psalm 36

    I liked the your depiction of many short-term mission trips as “spiritual vacations.” Western World Christianity is in a decline. Wealth and prosperity have made us soft and removed our eyes from God.

    You are 100% correct that ministries such as The Boston Project or Touched Twice United and a myriad of others are where we, as Christians, need to focus our time and energy if we are to spread the Word to our nation.

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