On Blogging: The Revised Edition

Those of you who followed me at my old blog have read some of this. Apologies. Some things bear repeating.

Confession: I never wanted a blog.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with having a blog, really. My best friend has a blog, and it’s lovely (check her out; she rocks). It just wasn’t for me.

My discomfort with blogging dates back to high school. I briefly considered getting a blog back then, and ran the idea by my best friend (read “the guy I was madly in love with”). He discouraged it, fearing that I’d be too emotionally open. He thought my writing might be too vulnerable and personal, and therefore inappropriate for a public forum. At the time, he was probably right. Since then, I’ve learned the difference between journal entries and expository writing.

As I got older, the skepticism increased. Why bother getting a blog? Nobody would read it. What was the point of crafting if I was going to release it into the great void? It would be no more than vapor. I wanted my words to be heard, to mean something–to change the world! Plus, most of the blogs I’d seen were shoddily written first drafts; unedited, with little time spent on them. The writers clearly didn’t take pride in their work (or so I thought at the time). So, why bother joining their ranks? I’d get published the traditional way: with an agent, through a publishing house, and, most importantly, in print. Maybe I still will, but not yet.

Then I started Confessions of a Twirl. It was liberating. I could write about whatever I wanted in smallish bursts, and I could write like I was talking to someone. It didn’t matter so much if anyone was reading it–although a spike in views is always gratifying. I found that I enjoyed being a blogger, even in its minutia. I started reading about how to be a professional blogger, started talking it over with my husband and best friend, mentioned it to a brother-in-law–and here I am. My very own big girl blog. Wish me luck!

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    • Thanks for the heads up! We’re still working out some of the kinks!

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