A Tangle of Plots

“And although they were three very different people, Cady couldn’t help thinking that when they were woven together, they fit exactly right, like the three strands of hair that Cady’s birth mother had once tied up so intricately.” (228)

Certain books are very difficult to review. This book is one of them.

Have you ever finished a book, closed it, and stared at the back cover, in awe of what you’ve just experienced? This is that kind of book.

Lisa Graff’s Tangle of Knots is a work of art. If I wrote middle grade fiction, I would hope to be just like her. It seems almost disrespectful to summarize such a beautiful story, but I’ll try.

Like Natalie Lloyd, Graff has created a world with just a snicker of magic–where some people are Talented and some are Fair. The story seamlessly flips between six viewpoints, from a little boy with a Talent for getting lost to an older woman as she deals with the aftermath of a stroke. As the story unfolds, the pieces click into place, as six lives interact with one another. It’s like… like a basket, or a piece of cloth, in which all the strings are woven together to create something strong and beautiful. (This is why I am not a poet.) It’s one of those rare stories where not a single detail goes forgotten. It’s heart wrenching in all the best ways.

The cliffhanger ending was satisfyingly unsatisfying. Perhaps I was left with as many questions as answers, but the main conflict was solved, and so I can rest peacefully.

I’m left feeling this way:

Mr-Knightley-Emma-emma-television-serial-34151128-245-138And it’s a great place to be.

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