My Friend Sora

I was never particularly interested in video games. We never had any of those fancy console systems, and we didn’t need one. In my mind, video games were for boys, and I shouldn’t trouble myself with them (other than the occasional Age of Mythology or Zoo Tycoon binge).


And don’t forget Petz! Ah, childhood.

When I started hanging out with boys, I discovered the merit of at least knowing about video games. I watched them play and learned facts that I could rattle off in conversation, in order to sound like one of them. It worked for a while–ending in a hostile takeover resulting in my very own Steam account. I was sucked into the world of computer games–of Team Fortress 2 and Portal and Age of Empires–but it wasn’t until my senior year of college that I found interest in a console game.

Oh, sure, by that point I’d played a few rounds of Super Smash Brothers, but I wasn’t addicted to it. Plus, the age of the GameCube was over.

Enter Kingdom Hearts.



If you didn’t wish Donald and Goofy were your childhood best friends, you’re probably lying. This is what dreams are built on.

My best friend-turned-roommate is a bit of a gamer girl. I don’t remember how it started, but we ended up having regular Kingdom Hearts dates; she’d play while I watched. I found myself emotionally entangled in the fate of Sora, Donald, Goofy, and their friends. The cutscenes were riveting to me (to me–a twenty-one-year-old woman!). Perhaps it was the Disney elements. Perhaps it was the romance (if Sora and Kairi don’t kiss in the next game I’m going to have a fit!). Perhaps it was the fact that David Boreanaz voiced one of the coolest characters in the game (I love you, Squall Leonheart!). I was hooked.

character01 - squall

His sword is also a gun! And he’s voiced by BTVS’s Angel! (Okay, maybe my celebrity crush has more weight here than I had at first anticipated.)

We bought a set of Keyblades to share. She finished both games, and then we graduated. Just like that, it was over.

Or was it?

My husband likes video games. He’s also thrifty. (You can see where this is going.) So when a friend offered him a good deal on a PlayStation 3, we took it.

Fun fact: The fancy-remastered-deluxe edition of the Kingdom Hearts series happens to be for PlayStation 3.

And so it was my turn.


This battle. So. Much. Stress.

I took a week off from my life to play (the benefits of being a stay-at-home blogger). I couldn’t stop, even when I knew what was going to come next–especially then. Playing Kingdom Hearts felt like falling in love all over again, probably because it reminded me that Iw as falling in love with Ryan when I experienced the game the first time. I was giddy.

It’s silly that a game and a story can wrap me up like this. Other games don’t even appeal–much to my husband’s chagrin. If only Disney and Square Enix would get it together and give us a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3!

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      • I don’t remember if there’s voice acting at all. I feel like it was mostly text conversations, in which case you can always read his lines in David Boreanaz’s voice. That’s what I do.

        • There is no voiceover in the original versions of most of the Final Fantasy franchise before around 9, although there might be in the remastered versions. Although they lack the Disney characters, many of them do have wonderful stories, engaging characters, and engrossing gameplay. I happen to have collected most of them, if you want to try them. The best of them can leave you sad to see the end when the story is over and feel like returning to an old friend when the time comes for a replay.

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