English Teachers in Cinema

Today in the world of Twirly Writes, I have a very embarrassing confession to make. Remember that time when I talked about how I used to have a crush on Chris Kratt? This is going to be a lot like that.

So. Recently I’ve been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls. (Why? Because it’s on Netflix and it’s an awesome show. Not pertinent.) In the first season, Lorelai dates a man named Max Medina. He’s an English teacher–her daughter’s English teacher, to be exact. So they date and there’s drama and hijinx ensue and the rest is not the point. The point is that Max is dreamy.

Maybe it’s his passion or his brain or his collection of gorgeous, leather-bound books–I don’t know. All I know is that Max and I would get along in real life.

This is where the embarrassing part starts. You see… Max isn’t the first on-screen English teacher that I’ve had a thing for.


Yes, Max; yes, it is.

Can I get a show of hands for how many people remember the movie Never Been Kissed? It was a cute, terrible movie in which Drew Barrymore is a journalist who goes undercover as a high school student and ends up falling for her English teacher who is played by one Michael Vartan. (You might remember him as Vaughn on Alias.) The whole plotline was really stupid and a little creepy, but this guy kind of made it worth it.


Come on. You’d want to spend two hours staring at this guy too.

But it’s weird. Because, you see, I’ve never been into a teacher in real life. Not even an English teacher. (Okay, almost once in college, but that doesn’t count. I was in a bad way.) Truthfully, I don’t even find bookish guys that attractive. It’s counterintuitive, I know. But it’s true. I have one guy friend who I’ll take recommendations from, but we were never a thing. My husband has never even read Harry Potter.

If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say that all this comes from idealism. We all have ideas about what we think we want until we’re confronted with it in real life. I’ve met a few knowledgable, friendly, passionate, well-read guys with impressive book collections–and I never fell for one of them.

Then again, I might be attracted to cinematic English teachers because we all end up marrying our parents.


Okay, okay. My dad doesn’t teach English. But he is a teacher and he does read a lot.


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