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Twitter is a funny thing.

I never intended to get a Twitter. It just sort of happened with the big-girl blog thing. I’m still figuring out how to use it, actually. It’s like releasing pithy witticisms out into the void, and hoping a random stranger hears you and likes what you’ve been shouting.

But the weirdest thing about Twitter, to me, is that it fosters artificial relationships between me and random celebrities that I’ve never met. I’ve been Tweeted at (is that proper grammar?) by two famous people now, and followed by one. And, each time, I freaked out. It was so exciting! But… why? Am I more valid as a human being because I got two “thank you” Tweets from J. August Richards? Does this mean that we’re friends now? Of course not. It’s comical, really.

Natalie Lloyd Tweeting at me is a different story. She actually read my review of her charming book (it seems) and she liked it. When an established author likes what you said about their work, it’s reasonable to be excited. Right?

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