Month: September 2015

Six Struggles of a Night Writer

Every writer has his or her own comfort zone. Many write while drunk. Some wake up early and write as the sun comes up. Hundreds write a certain number of words each day before stopping. I’ve heard of… Read More

Whole30 Woes (Or, Twirly Tries the Whole30)

I have been an exceptionally cranky creature of late. “Why?” you ask. Because I am roughly halfway through my Whole30. For those of you who are wondering, the Whole30 is a diet that lasts (you guessed it) thirty… Read More

Twirly’s Titles: Swing Dancing Songs

In case you were not aware, I love swing dancing. And I do mean love it. There’s a student-run swing dancing club within walking distance of my college. That’s where I learned, and also where I taught (seniority; it happens). On… Read More

Black Mass

I should probably be writing about my first week on the Whole30 diet, or being nostalgic about first-days-of-school gone by. But I just found out that a movie about Whitey Bulger is coming out this month, and I… Read More