Month: April 2015

My Friend Sora

I was never particularly interested in video games. We never had any of those fancy console systems, and we didn’t need one. In my mind, video games were for boys, and I shouldn’t trouble myself with them (other… Read More

On “Fic”

This post brought to you by the fact that I recently pulled an all-nighter pulling Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I don’t write fanfiction. You’d think I would, given the markers: I read popular books, I’m a writer, I’m a total… Read More

In Honor of Jonathan Crombie

Canadian actor Jonathan Crombie died of a brain hemorrhage last week. He was forty-eight years old. When I shared the obituary on my Facebook, I was surprised by how many people responded. Until then, I had no idea… Read More

Twirly’s Top Titles: College Edition

The post that I wrote earlier this week could easily have ended with a bibliography. The books (and short stories, and articles, and excerpts, and…) that I read in college forced me to stop and consider what I… Read More

Silence, Spirituality, and Sensation

We all had our favorite classes and professors in college. For many of my engineering friends, it was an Asian man whose last name was unpronounceable and in-class illustrations ranged from potatoes to terrorists. I had a lot… Read More

TBT: Mistborn

Confession: I love young adult fantasy and science fiction. (I said it! I said it!) I’ve been trying to deny it for years, but it’s true. I have a friend who happens to have excellent taste in this… Read More


I love Jesus. I’ve gone to church all my life, probably since conception, and my family has always been heavily involved in our church community. I grew up in Sunday school, youth group, praise band, and choir. Which… Read More

The Pranking Deficiency

As it’s April Fool’s Day, I feel as if I should write something satirical or outright ridiculous. I ought to convince you of something–that I’m pregnant maybe–only to pull the plug on the whole charade tomorrow. But here’s… Read More