Month: March 2015

Favors From Gangsters

My sister recently recommended that I make an effort to review some “boy books.” I admit that I do have a preference for romances, and that really limits my audience. How lucky for me, then, that Al Capone Does… Read More

Why We Need Funerals

Dealing with death can be a confusing process. I hope this post isn’t considered insensitive; it’s only natural for me to share it. Last night, I was informed that someone I love took his own life. The news… Read More

Eleanor and Park

I just finished reading Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park and now I don’t know what to do with my life. Remember those feelings I had during The Fault in Our Stars? This is like that, but so much worse. Worse… Read More

Hair, Heritage, and Saint Patrick’s Day

“Look at that hair! You must be Irish!” “Corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight, eh, sweetheart?” “Why aren’t you wearing green? Where’s your pride?” “You must be feeling lucky today!” If I were to leave my house… Read More

Twirly’s Top Ten: Books I Want to Read

I have come to the conclusion that there are simply too many books in the world. I’ll never be able to read half of the ones I want to before I die. I wish I’d done more of… Read More


It’s Throwback Thursday! As such, Fiction Friday is being moved up; I’m taking today as an opportunity to share a review from my old blog, Confessions of a Twirl. Take a gander!   I didn’t want to fall in… Read More

The Red-Hooded Dancing Princess of Sherwood Forest

I love retellings of classic fairytales. There was a time when I seriously considered retelling Little Red Riding Hood in a sci-fi setting. (Don’t worry, those days are gone.) It should come as no surprise, then, that I… Read More

Twirly’s Top Ten: Kid Book Edition

I don’t remember much about elementary school (pathetic, I know). I remember the names of all of my teachers, the Enya song we listened to while doing our morning math facts in fourth grade, and the diorama I made… Read More