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What We Learned At The THEIR FRACTURED LIGHT Release Party

I admit it: I have yet to read Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner’s Starbound Trilogy (These Broken Stars, This Shattered World, Their Fractured Light). I’ve been drooling over their covers for ages now, but haven’t gotten around to actually… Read More

Six Struggles of a Night Writer

Every writer has his or her own comfort zone. Many write while drunk. Some wake up early and write as the sun comes up. Hundreds write a certain number of words each day before stopping. I’ve heard of… Read More

Twirly’s Titles: Swing Dancing Songs

In case you were not aware, I love swing dancing. And I do mean love it. There’s a student-run swing dancing club within walking distance of my college. That’s where I learned, and also where I taught (seniority; it happens). On… Read More

The Big One

Yesterday, I started a project. The Big One. I’ve started to write a book. It sounds so pretentious when I put it out there like that. “Look at me, how fancy I am. A book!” But, really, it’s a… Read More

Character Consistency

I admit it: I watch more television than I should. I’m on a series kick right now; first it was Gilmore Girls, then Friends and Sherlock, and now it’s Merlin. While I am watching for enjoyment, I also use this time as an… Read More

Twirly Tries A Tea Party

Welcome to Twirly Tries It! I’m Twirly and, in this new section, I’ll be trying stuff! I have a list of potential activities, but if you have ideas, you can feel free to submit them to me by… Read More

My Friend Sora

I was never particularly interested in video games. We never had any of those fancy console systems, and we didn’t need one. In my mind, video games were for boys, and I shouldn’t trouble myself with them (other… Read More

On “Fic”

This post brought to you by the fact that I recently pulled an all-nighter pulling Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I don’t write fanfiction. You’d think I would, given the markers: I read popular books, I’m a writer, I’m a total… Read More

Twirly’s Top Ten: Books I Want to Read

I have come to the conclusion that there are simply too many books in the world. I’ll never be able to read half of the ones I want to before I die. I wish I’d done more of… Read More

Twirly’s Top Ten: Kid Book Edition

I don’t remember much about elementary school (pathetic, I know). I remember the names of all of my teachers, the Enya song we listened to while doing our morning math facts in fourth grade, and the diorama I made… Read More